#Poem#A struggle to die. [Sestet – 2]

54 thoughts on “#Poem#A struggle to die. [Sestet – 2]”

    1. It’s a novel series from A game of thrones, I just tried relating it with the poem, because the words 😆
      You add some notes in the end, it’s very nice 😁

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    2. It’s a good thing you remember me 😆
      I just read a poem and saw something similar, there is a note below it, I just don’t remember who it is, but I do know one poem with notes now, and it’s you, I guess I will remember that 😄

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    3. You can!! You made me feel happy by liking my posts!😂😂So I’ll remember that! I guess you understand the happiness of getting likes! 😝😝

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  1. Ok! Never tried that.. so I can’t exactly relate to that. But you’ve made me curious to find about it! And thank you once again!! 😊😊

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    1. How do I pronounce your name?😅 Actually this one thing is a great challenge for me about which I’ve been thinking since the day I read your name. And this is another reason why I can’t forget you🤣🤣

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    1. I’m extremely sorry for that! All I can explain is… this year is my 12th😅😅 This made me so irregular, but I’ll keep checking your posts…. they are so inspiring and true!! Thank you again for being here!!

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  2. Yes the words hot and cold definitely add more feeling and depth to the whole poem. You really did a great job in such a short space of time. I really love the phrase “iced isolation”

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  3. There is no way to remove what sticks in the skin if the heart keeps beating. Your poetry transcends because it transmits the magical essence of the true feminine nature. I feel your verses like that.
    Luché por morir dentro de ti
    pero seguiste alimentando el fuego
    en ti, de los recuerdos del Déjà vu.
    ¡Intenté correr, huir!
    Te deje en el aislamiento helado
    ¡Pero en el calor del calor,
    cómo podría mantenerse el frío?

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    1. Thank you very much! Well… I quite don’t know about the feminine nature… but glad to hear from you!
      Those spanish words look beautiful! I wish I could know the language!!
      Have a great day💫

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