“Presence” is such a deceptive term. You disappeared even though I held you firm. Always here right beside me… I can hear, touch and inevitably see. But still can’t express, still can’t feel that you’re here for me when I need to heal. ‘Presence’ I believe is in heart and mind. Dark distances, yet connections … Continue reading #Poem# DECEPTION

#Poem# The Window

The following poem tries to describe the life of a physically challenged person who is filled with positivity and has an enormous experience of life, but still finds something missing when the end arrives….The personification of a window says it…. THE WINDOW I’ve seen the little raindrop winning the race that seemed so unfulfilling! I … Continue reading #Poem# The Window


The strong rigid melted, and the broken pieces still pristine! The early Sun forged silently at night… But the setting Sun, praised by many… “Oh! Serene” Those massive dollar rocks resisted and broke, still the dime dust relished a great flight! Some beautiful faces hurt much more… Beautiful heart chose a poor mask in spite! … Continue reading #Poem#Wry!

अन्त: मन

ऊपर से ये चंचल सागर, लहरें रसिक नज़र आकर भी क्या तुम्हें मालूम था कि कितना शांत, गहन है भीतर जाकर! वो देखो एक खूबसूरत नज़ारा है वहाँ… तारों से झिलमिलाया, सितारों से भर आया आसमां| पर क्या उसके पार वो अकेलापन देखा…. जिसकी विपुल काया में वो अकेला ही है समाया! इस गतिमान पवन … Continue reading अन्त: मन

#Poem# -X-

 The Death, Life is always nearer than the death seems to be. Life is so vague, that the far off doom is all we see!! The death never walks to you… Till you yourself don’t arrive, at the remnant of life. Let me tell you as being already dead. The coda of a book is … Continue reading #Poem# -X-