“Presence” is such a deceptive term. You disappeared even though I held you firm. Always here right beside me… I can hear, touch and inevitably see. But still can’t express, still can’t feel that you’re here for me when I need to heal. ‘Presence’ I believe is in heart and mind. Dark distances, yet connections … Continue reading #Poem# DECEPTION

#Poem# Stay!

It’s when the tears don’t fall but stay, And the throat gets choked to weigh. When the trembling voice is swallowed back. The heart wins and the brains lack. Pens really could be mightier, I wish… But the violent silence plays the trick. Penned by ~Soumya Somani Originally written on~ Aug5, 2019   Continue reading #Poem# Stay!

समाप्त करता हूँ…/ I end…

समाप्त करता हूँ… अब मैं समाप्त करता हूँ… वो सफर जिसके अनंत होने की कल्पना की थी। आपको तलाशते हुए मेरी निगाहें आप ही पर टिकी हुई थीं जब उलझ कर रह गए उन डोरियों में, जिन्हें थामे रखने की ज़िद थी।   कागज़ की कोशिशें लिये… वक्त की बारिशों में भी भीग गया। हम … Continue reading समाप्त करता हूँ…/ I end…


The strong rigid melted, and the broken pieces still pristine! The early Sun forged silently at night… But the setting Sun, praised by many… “Oh! Serene” Those massive dollar rocks resisted and broke, still the dime dust relished a great flight! Some beautiful faces hurt much more… Beautiful heart chose a poor mask in spite! … Continue reading #Poem#Wry!

Awards in the air!!

Hey!! You all must have known this by now that this is an Award Nomination post!! But before beginning with the content, I would really want to apologise for the delay! 😬😓(it has really been a long long time since I was nominated) Well, let me introduce my nominators. Yuulye for the Mystery Blogger Award! Niraj … Continue reading Awards in the air!!